Artist Statement

      My work investigates dichotomies found within the body through both personal and broader narratives. The use of material becomes a key factor in representing and witnessing the effects of these relationships on physical flesh. Material becomes the true visceral body, the shell of a being, poked, prodded, measured and displayed, but fighting to maintain the structural integrity of self. Our physical beings hold a multitude of dichotomies. They lie in the strength and fragility of our physical and mental states, the yin and yang of our perception of gender, and the fear and repulsion, versus the love and empowerment one may experience in their own body every day. Abjection is always present within our bodies. We are repulsed by cast offs such as blood, waste, hair, once apart of us, but now other. The corpse and decay often elicit repulsion as it reminds us of our own physicality and mortality. Yet the female body is often fetishized, idealized and adorned, it becomes an object of beauty. I question how we can exist in both of these forms, a body held to the highest of expectations, yet hyperaware of its downfalls.

      The use of fruit in my work becomes a substitute of body. The dysmorphia and anxiety I often experience in my own body translates to my sculptural forms. They are familiar yet alien, recognizable yet other, and beautiful yet repulsive. They need not exist as literal body; instead they push the boundaries of how we discern body, allowing the viewer to find their own fears, repulsions or fixations within the work.

      Like human life and flesh, fruit is perishable and ephemeral. It becomes an allegory of the transient and visceral nature of our existence. In its ripe state it is often associated with bounty and prosperity and alludes to female anatomy. I allow the fruit to rot and wither away as I am interested in the way these connotations switch the second fruit begins to decay. Something existing as a symbol of beauty or immortality becomes repulsive and cast off. This dichotomy of beauty and repulsion found in fruit becomes synonymous with the same dichotomy found in the body. We idolize these feminine virtues of beauty, purity, and fertility, but the second the body transgresses the ideals placed upon it, it is discarded.